Happiness – it’s in good health and “bad” memory

Vsehotyat be happy – that’s for sure! What do you do for this? Here kazhdyyidet his own way. Some are trying to earn all the money in the world, drugieprilagayut huge amount of effort to prolong youth and postpone retirement, and others lead a healthy lifestyle… Of course they are all on their own, pravy. Schaste multifaceted process, which depends on various factors. I associate happiness with health physical ipsihologicheskim. In other words, happiness – this is a positive emotion, the inner and outer svyazannayas sostoyaniemcheloveka. Improve your nutrition, exercise, active rest, do not neglect a full bed, exclude from its zhiznivrednye habits and drugs, and the chance to stay healthy increase in neskolkoraz. On the other hand, just love yourself comfortable with the fact that from happening to you, look for the answer to the question “chtodelat?” And not to the question “Who is to blame?” Does not harm themselves svoiminegativnymi thoughts, keep in mind only the good memories, vseplohoe forget how to bystree. Vasha affects the amount of memory perezhivaemyhstressov and determines the behavior relating to the maintenance of health. Zapomniteeti rules and just be happy zhiznikazhdy day! Happiness, joy, love you!